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e curbstone until I saw he●r close the sash and pull the shade, and th▓e light being extinguished, knew that she h●ad gone to her bedroom.Then I set my face▓ toward home. I had never loved▓ her as I loved her now.Every l▓over will understand that what she had said duri●ng the evening had added fuel to the fire▓.

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My tenderness for her had increased a h●undredfold.All my life should be de●dicated to soothing her and p●rotecting her and making her glad.The tired▓


child should find rest and peace in ▓my arms.To think of how she had been exposed to▓ the noise and the heat and the ●glare of the fierce work-a-day world!▓ Ah

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, Veronika, Veronika, I wanted, late as it wa●s, to return and pour out the ye▓arning of my spirit at your feet.Why had I lef▓t her at all Each heart-beat seem

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ed to spe▓ak her name.And when the knowledge that in a▓ fortnight we were really going to be married▓, that I was really going to have the▓ right to be to her w



hat I w▓ished—when that knowledge flashed in upon me, I● had to turn away lest it should overwhelm● me.I could not contemplate▓ it any more than I could hav▓e gazed straight upon the sun.—Fina●lly

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